S.W.I.K.O Notice Board January 2020

Please note: There are people still training at Central Dojo and Kihaku club who have not got or renewed their licence!
All Licence application/renewal forms should have all been in by the end of January.
If you are one of these people, please could you get your licence forms filled in and returned to either
Sensei Owen (Central Dojo) or Sensei Edwards (Kihaku) urgently

Your licence is your organisations yearly membership and grading record without a licence you will not be able to train or grade at any SWIKO Club. 

Every person training at Central Dojo or Kihaku must hold a current SWIKO Licence

Note: Visitors are welcome to train at any SWIKO club without a licence. But if they wish to train on a regular basis the above must be observed. 

A note to students with other organisations licences: 

If you train at either Central dojo or Kihaku on a regular basis you will still need to apply and take out a SWIKO Licence as well as your other organisation licence. Please note, SWIKO does not expect or require you to give up your other organisation licence.

NEW SWIKO Hoodies now in!! See Sensei Dave Owen

Licence forms available to download here licence application form click here from Sensie Dave Owen or Sensei Paul Edwards

All our 2020 courses and events can be found on our events page

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