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Great Day at the annual SWIKO Invitation Open Comp click for more images

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2017 September Gradings

Well done to those who passed their kyu gradings this week September 12th and 16th both adults and children. Oss keep up the hard work and for those that didnt grade today well done for showing up for the pre grading training session great spirit Oss!!

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SWIKO July 2017 News Letter 

Well done to those who recently passed their kyu gradings. But we feel we need to clarify a few points.

SWIKO Grading rules.

Those who wish to grade 

  1. Must hold a current SWIKO Licence
  2. Must train in the 3 month period before the grading at least once a week preferably twice. (We do keep records so if you haven't trained for the minimum period you will not be allowed to grade).
  3. To pass, a minimum score of 15 out of 30 must be achieved. Each section (Basics, Kumite and Kata) will be scored with marks out of 10. If less than 15 points are achieved a half grade will be awarded. A half grade allows the student to wear the next belt but slows your progress through the grades.

Note: Our students are continually assessed during the 3 month period leading to gradings. This gives fairness on grading day, allowing for nerves and small mistakes. Therefore those who are told that they can grade should be expected to achieve at least a Temporary (half grade). 

The next 3 month grading assessment period starts on the next training period following a grading, not the month after a grading!!

Double grades

We are always being asked about double grades, so to clarify.

Double grades are not the norm in SWIKO. They are rarely awarded, but if the student is deemed exceptional on the day and can demonstrate the kata of the higher grade to a high stand, a double grade may be awarded. 
Note: If this happens it generally only happens at the lower grades.

Those from Sensei Biffs Kihaku Dojo 
If you wish to continue your or your childs training during the school summer holiday period you will be more than welcome at Central Dojo, Winners, Torquay. 
Children Wednesday 6 -7pm and Saturdays 10am -11am 
Adults Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm to 8:45pm

SWIKO Licences

Thanks to all who got their licences in on time. Remember ALL Licences run from January to January and Must be in by the end of January not mid June!!. We are still having to chase people…Not good. This is very important as this is your insurance, club membership and your grading record.

All the best keep up the training Oss 

Sensei Dave Owen and Sensei Biff Shaw

June 3rd Black Belt Grading

Congratulations to SWIKO members who passed their various Dan grades with a very high standard. The hard work has paid off Oss!

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Paul (1st Dan), Ken Squires (1st Dan), Lewis (1st Dan) Silbury Peakman (2nd Dan), Lauren Wills (2nd Dan), Jemma Trowt (2nd Dan), Steve Pascoe (2nd Dan), Peter Zeltman (3rd Dan), Brenda Millington (2nd Dan), Brant Wells (2nd Dan), Martin Weir (2nd Dan), and Mike Peakman (3rd Dan)

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A special well done to Brant Wells (2nd Dan) and Peter Zeltman (3rd Dan) who recently joined are SWIKO Organisation

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All instructors are now First Aid Covered and hold a DRB Certificate. 

John Goodwin of Central Dojo is now SWIKO ’s new
Designated Safeguarding Officer.

WELL DONE to Central Dojo’s Adam
(clippings from Torbay Herald Express)

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At our SWIKO Clubs we aim to deliver the best Karate instruction throughout The South West Area.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all students and parents of our junior members a Happy Christmas and New Year.

CENTRAL DOJO Christmas times

The last Karate sessions of 2016 will be Childrens Karate, Wednesday 21st December and Adults Thursday 22nd December. We will resume training with Adults on Thursday January 5th 2017 and Children on Saturday January 7th 2017

KIHAKU DOJO Christmas times

The last Karate sessions of 2016 will be Tuesday 13th December.

Well done to all those who competed and those who gave their support for making our November open Inter club competition a great success. Keep up the great work Oss! 

Click to view Gallery of most of our 2016 Winners

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And a special thank you to Sensei Stewart Hick from Plymouth Karate Academy whose student Ethan, won medals in both his Kata and Kumite category. Oss

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Congratulation to Sensei Mike and Martin Weir who were awarded Senior and Junior SWIKO students of the year 2016 Oss!

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Well done to Tilly of Central Dojo for best competitor of the day

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Please Note: Due to the increase in adult members are competitions our now open to Adults over 18 as well Children! 

Well Done to our junior members who passed their kyu grade passes. Saturday 15th October Oss!!

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Well Done to Oliver (Brown and White Belt), Lewis (Brown and White Belt), Sophie (Brown and White Belt) and Emily (Purple Belt) on their kyu grade passes. Thursday 21st July Oss!!

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A big Congratulations to Amy and Lee of Kihaku Dojo on achieving their Shodan (1st Dan) Black Belt on Saturday 16th July Oss!!

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Congratulations to all the children who passed their Kyu (coloured belt) grading on Saturday 16th July especially Corbyn who achieved a well deserved double grade from white to Red Belt Oss!!

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Fun was had on our first aid course Saturday 9th July

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IMG 9810IMG 9811

Check out the images from the Brown and Black belt course click here

Congratulations to Yan and John for passing their Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) Grading on July 2nd 2016. Oss!!

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Saturday July 9th 10am - 4:30pm 

First Aid Course will be held at Central Dojo, Winners 2000, Torquay 
A certificate will be awarded on completion. The price is £35 per person. Please get all names to Sensei Owen or Sensei Shaw as soon as possible. Thank you Oss! Non SWIKO members are welcome to attend.

Sunday June 26th 

SWIKO have been invited to performing a Demo at Queens Park Rugby Ground Paignton  for Preston Rotary Club family fun day (weather permitting).

Any SWIKO Brown and Blackbelts (children and adults) who wish to take part must attend the rehearsals at Central Dojo on Thursday's 7:30pm - 8:45pm

Grading held on April 28th


Well done to Paul, Ken Jools, Molly, Sara, Emily and Oliver who passed their grading Oss!!


Well Done to those junior members who passed their grading on Saturday 17th March Oss


Well done to our new Black Belts Bethany, Jack, Rhianna and Mark Oss!! (Feb 2016)


Well done all in the photo and those who had to leave early a great well supported comp. Oss!


November SWIKO Children’s Open Comp

Download entry form here


Well done to those children who passed their grading on Saturday 17th October



Don’t forget all licences are due on January 1st each year. No licence no grading!


It was a Great Day at the Children’s comp Saturday Feb 7th click here for winners gallery.

Saturday 24th January
Congratulations to all those children who passed their grades and well done to the mums and dads for all the real hard work!  Oss :-)


Adults Grading Thursday 29th


A SWIKO Dan Grading (Black Belt) was held on January 10th and Congratulations go to Josie Cox (1st dan) Big John Goodwin (2nd Dan) and Novis (3rd Dan) pictured below with grading examiners Sensei Dave Owen and sensei Biff Shaw.


Well done all for the excellent turn out January 10th on our Brown and Black belt course Oss!


This Year we are taking numbers for our Kids Karate Boot Camp Holiday in Spain click here for details

Don’t forget all S.W.I.K.O. Licences are now due for their yearly renewal please get them in to your instructor along with the Renewal form and fee before the end of January.

Please print this years important dates available here


November Children’s Inter Club Competition results


November Children’s comp winners gallery 

NEW Central Dojo Club video advert

Sensei Owen demo’s the new Dan Grade Combinations 

Dan grade combinations print out updated Version 08 November 2014

Kihaku Karate Club Video

Saturday 25th October
Congratulations to all those children who passed their grades and well done to the mums and dads for all the real hard work!  Oss :-)


Saturday July 13th
Congratulations to Charlie our latest 1st Dan Black Belt who graded after our successful Brown and Black Belt Course held at Central Dojo 


May 1st
Congratulations to Marc, Paul. Ken, Bethany (1st Kyu) and Yan (2nd Kyu) who passed their grading


April 26th
Well done to all those children who passed their grading


S.W.I.K.O. February Open Competition. Well done to all. What a really enjoyable day. A special thank you goes to Sensei Hicks from The Plymouth Karate Academy for bringing some of his students and helping with the judging Oss! 
Competitors from Central Dojo, Kihaku and Plymouth Karate Academy. Click to see the comp Images


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A Dan Grading was held at Winners 2000 on Saturday 25th January and here are our four new and two not so new Black Belts with examiners.

Examiners were S.W.I.K.O. Chief Instructor Sensei Owen (far Right) S.W.I.K.O. Senior Instructor Sensei Shaw (left) 
and with Sensei Northcott (1st Back Right) assisting.


Congratulations to (left to Right after Sensei Shaw), Sensei Mike Peakman 2nd Dan, Sam Wilson - 1st Dan, 
Tayyib Mubashir - 2nd Dan, Ryan Doyle - 1st dan, Silbury Peakman - 1st Dan 
and Josh Tozer - 1st Dan.
Silbury is S.W.I.K.O's youngest Black Belt at 10 years of age.

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