Grading information

Kyu Grading Syllabus | Dan Grade Combinations video’s 

Kyu Grades are held every 3 months Dan Grades every 6 Months

Next Grading Dates

March 14th Thursday 7:30pm – 8:45pm  Adult grading

March 16th Saturday 10:00am – 1:30pm  Children grading

Grading Costs

Kyu Grades £25 includes belt and certificate

Dan Grades from £100

Kyu Grades (Coloured Belts) format

Sil Green Belt

These will be held every 3 Months at Central Dojo, Winners gym Torquay. A compulsory 1hour Pre-Grading session to help settle nerves.

After a childs training session parents will be asked to leave and like all exams the grading will take place behind closed doors.

The candidates will be graded through continuous assesment during the months prior to grading and on the grading day using a point system over 3 Tables. (Table 1 Basics, Table 2 Kumite and Table 3 Kata). 

A successful candidate must achieve a minimum of two pass signatures across the 3 tables. If this is not achieved a Temporary Grade (half Grade) will be awarded.

When the Grading has finished All Parents, Guardians and Friends will be asked to attend the successfull candidates (including Temporary passes) awards held in the dojo (training hall).

Note: Parents are encouraged to attend children’s Pre-Grading session and give their child support (remember the encouragement the olympic athletes had from their parents and guardians)!

Note Adult Kyu grades are held separately.

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Kyu Grade FAQ

What is a Temporary (Half Grade)?

A Temporary grade is a half grade awarded if the candidate does not achieve the standard for a full Kyu grade on the grading day. Those awarded a Half grade will be permitted to wear the belt that they were going for, but their licence will not be stamped and they must work really hard to get a full Kyu grade next time.

Can I apply for a Double Grade?

No. Double grades are awarded by the Chief Instructor to Exceptional candidates.

Click Here For Kyu Grade Syllabus

The Kyu grading fee is £20 (this includes Pre-Grading Session a belt and certificate for successful candidates).

What is 1st Kyu Plus ?

1st Kyu Plus is

for Junior 1st Kyu Brown and Two White Stripes only

The wait until the Black belt grading for most of the children could be a long time and this allows them to remain prepared.

They will be expected to perform any of the Heian Kata's and the listed Black Belt kata

You will be expexted to know Kanku Dai Kata

Dan Gradings (Black Belts) format 

These will be held every 6 Months at Winners 2000 Torquay after the Brown and Black Belt Course. Candidates must have a minimum of 3 years training and wait a minimum of 6 Months between 1st Kyu and applying for a Dan grade and have trained on at least 4 Brown and Black Belt Courses. These courses will be held on selected Saturdays at Winners 2000 Torquay.

Download Dan Grade Syllabus | Dan Grade application form

Dan Grade fees from £100

Grading Rules

Remember gradings are Karate exams and must be treated accordingly.

To be eligible to grade the student must observe the following;

  1. Their Sensei’s permission to grade.
  2. Hold a current S.W.I.K.O. licence. Click here for application form
  3. Train on a regular basis (at least once a week for the full 3 month period).
  4. Handed in their licence and training fee to their Sensei on the Thursday before the grading.

Grading Etiquette

All students must remain together until the grading finishes.

Food must not be eaten during the grading.

Any drinks must be kept with the student. (no leaving the hall or running around).

All students must remain quiet and respect their fellow students during gradings.

When the student is called to grade they must respond with a loud Oss Sensei.

Note: All Torbay S.W.I.K.O. Brown and Two White Stripes (1st Kyu) and Black Belts are expected to attend the Pre-Grading sessions!! 

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Black belts that do not train are NOT Black belts.

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