6th January 2020

Week commencing 06.01.20 New Year!! 

Well folks!! here it is!! A new year and a new blog. All that remains is a quick round up of the end of year activities both globally and locally and its onwards into the new decade, the second of the Century, and surely the most important one, some might say, in the entire history of the world!! 

We are simultaneously cursed and lucky, it would appear, to be living in a moment when the future of the entire planet is perhaps in our hands. Whichever way you slice it, any scientist worth their salt appears to be saying that if we do not act now, in terms of our emissions, we are living through the beginning of the end. 

However, its not all bad news, we could turn this around, but we have to act now. If you look at the planet, the deep south is burning (Australia) while the high north (ice cap) is drowning. One has too much water, one has not enough. If people don't believe the scientists, and there are people out there who dont, then listen to David Attenborough. Surely those of you who are sceptical of the climate impact, (and I listen to your opinions daily) will heed Attenborough’s sombre warnings. To quote a more prosaic source, er, The Bible no less, You reap what you sow. Industrialisation and globalisation led us to this position and it is up to us to listen to the people who have conducted the research and are pointing to the ‘writing on the wall’.

OK, soapbox moment over, as I write this, training begins today, 

the first Saturday after the Xmas New Year period. We are settling in to our new spaces quite nicely. Congratulations to those who attended and successfully negotiated the last grading session at The Spires. Welcome back to those who have been away, good luck to those who are travelling and for everyone else, lets throw everything into our training because its a busy year coming up. Check the website for dates of courses and competitions, gradings etc. Don't forget, in an uncertain world, our Karate gives us meaning and purpose. It is an interesting coincidence that Saturday’s sessions are in a church because for those of us without traditional religious convictions, Karate fills a certain type of spiritual space!!


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