3rd June 2019

Week commencing 03.06.19

This week’s sessions continued with a variety of bunkai drawn from the current kata Jitte, interspersed with drills and dojo kumite, with a little conditioning thrown in for good measure. Conditioning is really the responsibility of the individual, its up to each of us to be fit enough to train.

The first bunkai was as follows: a stepping right hand punch is deflected with a double handed block and strike (a la sochin) accompanied by a shuffle to the right from yoi ready stance. Defender holds on to the punching arm with their left hand, then steps in off right foot and strikes the elbow bend to force the attacker to crouch. The movement is then finished with a neat reverse taisho to the neck, echoing the early steps of the kata.

The second began with a choudan stepping punch, from casual ready stance (45 degrees) defender ‘gathers’ the punch downwards with left hand. Drawing back the leading leg and stepping in with the right, they hammer fist the solar plexus area, simultaneously stepping behind the attackers leg to create a ‘scissors’ motion resulting in a wonderfully brisk take down, using the momentum of the attacker against them.

Next, another stepping punch to the head is deflected with the left arm while stepping back with the right foot and following in with an age uke under the chin (which used to be known by some as a forearm smash). The punching hand is held by the defender, a small circle is created by the trailing left leg, and pressure is applied to the shoulder or elbow crook to create an excellent take down.

Finally, the same attack is met with a scissor block and a shuffle back, holding the punching arm in right hand, the defender assumes kiba dachi and delivers a hammer fist with left to gidan. The next stage is to switch hands and grab leg with right hand and upper gi area with left, then ‘flip’ the leg up and body down. Or, after assuming kiba dachi and aiming the hammer fist, the defenders left knee can be pressing against the attackers knee whilst the arm simply pushes back against the midriff creating another ‘scissors’ movement to take attacker down.

Its a great kata and its been fun developing the bunkai, hopefully we can remember it for the next competition!!

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