30th September 2019

Week commencing 30.09.19

A memorable Saturday. Not only did the England rugby union team advance in to the quarter final knock out stages of the world cup in Japan, but my son Max called me by mobile phone from the very stadium itself in Tokyo. How extraordinary, the power of information technology and communication, it was also free!! Quite a start to the day, and it was followed by yet another simply brilliant session at our amazing rubber floored church.

Beginning with basic block and punch techniques which built up in speed eventually leaving us breathless: the session then morphed into a brilliant examination of ‘bunkai’ taken from the katas Nidan, Godan and Tekki Shodan.

At close quarter, the defender meets a haymaker with a high block and neck punch simultaneously, then when the attacker grabs the defender’s clothing, this is followed by a soto uke and shift in stance to deliver a tidal hammer fist.

Next attack was a counter punch or gyaku zuki, to which the defender draws back with a downward sweeping block. A low kick is followed by a hammer fist to the neck/shoulder.

Another haymaker at close quarter was then met with a high nidan style block after which the defender reaches around, makes a headlock, swings the rear foot around and delivers a good old fashioned ‘duffing’ - most enjoyable!!

Finally, and this one was a favourite, from a position of freestyle or kumite, the attacker attempts to sweep the leading leg of the defender. The defender sees it coming, quickly snaps that leg up and back down, landing on the outside of the attackers leg whilst simultaneously drawing back and swinging back in with both arms like in Tekki Shodan. The positioning and momentum allows the defender to simply ease the attacker off balance to create a take down. Amazing!!

These bunkai really are the secrets of Karate that are brought into the light by Sensei who have truly studied the kata and unlocked the potential of the set moves that are intended to be adapted in unique ways by teachers who really understand the katas.

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