26th August 2019

Week commencing 26.08.19

Part three of our summer came around all too quickly as usual, but was much appreciated just the same. We usually ‘camp’ at the same venue, as I have mentioned above: however, occasionally it is nice to explore new areas and sample different cultural locations, when you consider how much time off those of us in education enjoy. Consequently, my Wife and I decided to head in the opposite direction and ‘go east’ to a hitherto unexplored part of our coast known as ‘The Isle’ of Purbeck, with a target location of Swanage, in-between Weymouth and Bournemouth.

The journey time is just over two hours by AA estimates and I would concur with this, as long as one follows the proscribed route. Accidentally sailing past the Honiton turn off from Exeter, can instantly double that time with almost no extra effort, and so it was that we managed to waste wonderful daylight hours back tracking around the A303 with a fractious Jack Russell and Wife displaying her best ‘deja vu’ expression. 

Despite our haphazard outward journey, we arrived in Purbeck and discovered a truly magical place, complete with a fairytale castle albeit in ruins, known as Corfe Castle. Many of the roads and place names are unusual and represent a history of turmoil and cultural imperialism. One thing that hasn't changed however is the coastal path and dramatic scenery. This is the heart of the ‘Jurassic Coast’ and as the name suggests it is steeped in history, of the oldest kind - geological history. The name Kimmeridge for example, denotes a small village which is actually a coastal world heritage site of immense geological importance. A piece of strata from the area bears the name and is an internationally known type of rock formation. It has a period of geological time named after it, such is its value, in understanding the formation of the world’s surface, on which we all perch. 

There are many fossils here, just like a few miles away in Lyme Regis and it really is a place that allows you to focus on just exactly where we are in the universe, and how important ‘Ki’ or ‘universal energy’ is. As we all know, ‘Ki ai’ is the noise we make when we expel air in Karate, when creating explosive force. It was this idea of universal energy that I was thinking about as I stared at the strange and twisted rock strata of this amazing coastal national park.

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