24th June 2019

Week commencing 24.06.19

One or two people were at the Glastonbury festival this week and missed training. I had suggested to those who attended the festival that they organise a ‘Kata Tent’ to run for an hour each morning and evening, with a view to publicising the merits of daily exercise in the impending ‘War on Obesity’. Despite scanning the televised highlights I failed to see any celebrities ‘kiai - ing’ their way through the ‘Healing Fields’ perhaps led by ‘Kiai ley' Minogue doing the jump in ‘Unsu’……….. Ah well, maybe next time.

Meanwhile the rest of us carried on training…………although some of us missed training on Saturday and chose to go camping in the south hams, only to find we had left the weather behind. Oh well, cant have it all.

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