21st October 2019

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Apologies for the slacker attitude from your weekly blogger, if i’m not careful its going to be a monthly blog at this rate, but sometimes there just don't seem to be enough hours, days, weeks etc. So what happens when what is meant to be a weekly blog drags its heels in this fashion? its not as if I’m sat doing nothing. Its more a case of the list of things that need doing, from organising doctors and dentists to shopping and vets, or planning visits and changing lightbulbs, cutting keys or remembering to buy washing up liquid and poo bags for the dog; all get reshuffled and de prioritised to the extent that one has to begin again with lists and priorities, inevitably forgetting some things, remembering others and discovering new ones as one goes along. 

Simultaneously, the spectre of Christmas looms on the horizon…………if you are a student or work in education, it usually means so much needed downtime, however, these days students end up trying to make ends meet to cover exorbitant rents, by working ridiculously hard in zero hours contract jobs, the so called ‘gig economy’. We have found that with our two children who are now adults, we actually see less of one of them who is just finishing full time education, because she is trying her hardest to cover her rent and bills, whilst the other one is unable to make the break from home yet for the same sorts of reasons.

And this is where Karate comes in. Whatever life has to throw at you, you come training and all that slides to one side as you try to refine your drills and kata etc. You simply don't have time to worry about all the other stuff. Having said that, it was quite extraordinary coming training today, Saturday, straight after England had muscled their way in to the Rugby World Cup Final. What a game! they only went and beat the reigning champions, New Zealand, who were favourites to win the competition. It just goes to show that no matter how much a favourite is expected to win, there is always the chance that someone, with the right planning and execution, has a chance to beat them. It happens in sport and in life. I have heard countless tales of people in Karate and in Rugby who have snatched victory away from the favourite in what seem unbelievable or even dream like circumstances. Take the boxer Anthony Joshua, an odds on favourite to beat his last opponent John Ruiz Junior. Ruiz knew it was just two men in a ring with two hands and two legs and of similar size, so who knows? what if a little luck goes your way and all your meticulous planning comes off? anything can happen, and it did, he won. There is an old saying about young players being put in with adults when the youngster is yet to reach their peak. “If he/she is good enough, he/she is old enough”. So when you step up to the mat to face an opponent, or you walk into a room to face an interview panel, there will be a reason for you being there, and that reason could just make you victorious in winning the bout or securing the employment position. 

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