17th June 2019

Week commencing 17.06.19

Another week, another grading, or so it seems! One of our members works as an on call paramedic for the NHS and so Sensei Dave, understandably, arranged another grading for him, at the end of a vigorous session. Senior members were given the option of resting or taking part in the grading which was one of the higher brown belt levels. In order to create the correct atmosphere for the brown transition level test, we nearly all chose to continue. 

It was good for members who were both more and less experienced than the person being graded because it gave a taste of what was to come for those in the junior ranks and reminded the dan grades of just what it is like to have the revered black belt within touching distance. When it came to the kumite, people were really quite tired and had to push themselves, this is a true test of character and our man in the spotlight came through with flying colours, well done Dave B. 

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