16th December 2019

Week commencing 16.12.19

Having taken a bit of a rest from the blog due to work and home commitments, your author is back with a post Annual General Meeting bulletin. There was plenty to discuss, with all of the changes that have occurred during the year. 

Senior members of the club have had work/family commitments of the most challenging nature and in addition, the club suddenly had to find itself a new home after many years at the Winners Gym. 

I’m not sure if anyone really appreciated just how demanding the relocation was for Senseis Dave and Mike to negotiate. Finding somewhere to train at three specific times each week, including a Saturday, poses a very particular set of problems, but somehow, they did it, and we seem to have settled in at both Spindles and St Peters.

The AGM covered a number of subjects entered mainly upon the sustainable development of the club through attracting new members and setting challenges for existing ones. 

Combat sports clubs don't make money, its all done for the love. So we've all got to do our bit to keep it running, whether this is through regular attendance or attracting friends and colleagues, we need to be proud of what we do and spread the message. On this note, it was heartwarming last Saturday to see a new level of effort and seriousness displayed by a number of our younger members during the dojo kumite  element of the session. The more senior amongst us notice everything, its part of getting old, so remember, we know when you are making an effort!! 

Finally, best wishes to Stevie P who has set off on travels around the Philippines, and personally, I’m looking forward to my own Son Max coming back the other way, after his own travels around South East Asia. Lets make the last few sessions before Christmas enjoyable, especially as Tuesday includes a grading session, Good luck to all taking part.

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