10th June 2019

Week commencing 10.06.19

The main focus of this week was grading with the junior ones being held on Saturday. If the future of the club is in the hands of the ‘young ‘uns’ then it’s looking bright. It was great not only to see the number of youngsters attending, but also the presence of parents or carers supporting and enabling the future of the club.

There were a number of outstanding displays of courage and effort, reinforcing the message of Karate as a life skill, inspiring us all to overcome obstacles, celebrate learning, understand disappointment and be gracious in victory. A special mention should go to the beginner white belts who really excelled, please keep up the training!

Tuesday was the turn of the adult gradings. The vigorous mix of combinations, kata and kumite certainly sounded impressive from our end of the dojo, and Sensei Dave was happy to award the appropriate Kyu grades to those taking part, well done!

Prior to the grading Sensei Dave put us all through a new set of one step combinations that I thought I would outline here to make sure we don't all forget some of them!

They were responses to four punches high and low, and a front kick. The first attack is dealt with by shuffling to the right into back stance and delivering a shuto to block the jodan punch and finishing with a right hand haito to the attackers neck.

The second attack prompts a skip to the left into kiba dachi and a high uche uke to block the punch. An empi is delivered, remaining in horse stance, followed by a skip to reposition but making sure the right leg is behind the attacker’s forward leg. Finally by simply striking with haito to the attacker’s neck it is possible to simply flip the opponent backwards over the knee and down to the ground to finish.

For the first body punch, a gidan bari and a shuffle to the right, a low kick with the leading leg and a counterpunch to the solar plexus completes the job nicely.

For the second body punch, its a shuffle to the left, an uche uke block or even sweep block and a side thrust kick to the ribs is followed by an empi to finish.

For the front kick attack, from yamae, the defender uses a small circle reverse turn on the right foot accompanied by a reverse gidan bari, possibly known as nagashi uke (but i will double check that!). Having blocked the kick, one the skips and switches stance to land behind the attackers foot, perfectly positioned to sweep, take down and finish.

These one step drills and the grading made for an excellent session once again. Remembering and practising the one step drills is essential to keeping variety in one’s responses. It also encourages you to make up your own one step responses and thats the beauty of discipline, it can be expanded to become ever more creative.

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